In March I took a boat tour of the Okarito Lagoon with Okarito Nature Tours. I thought that high tide would be best to see the Southern Alps reflecting in the water, but we were taken first thing in the morning on a dead low tide. It was the best time for the birds and photography!

At low tide you have to follow the main channel of water and take care not to get stuck on the bottom. Going slowly you get close up views of the birds feeding in the edge of the mudflats. Of greatest thrill, were the Godwits, plump and taking in their last fill in preparation for their long flight to their breeding grounds in Alaska eleven thousand kilometres away.

Rare opportunities to see New Zealand wildlife close up and undisturbed exist from Paramata Lodge on the West Coast. Take one of their guided nature tours, walking or by boat, visit the mighty frozen river of ice at the Franz Josef Glacier and take a trip on the Okarito Lagoon. A wonderful place for a holiday!

Nature Tours from Paramata Lodge  Nature Tours from Paramata Lodge